So you wanted to know about Chris Mills did you?

I support the EFF's Campaign for Free Speech on the Internet

Please excuse the rather terrible photo of me, it was originally taken for my ID card at work!!

You are visitor No. to my page. Thank you.
Well, I guess I had better tell you a bit about myself then Hadn't I?

I currently work as a Network Support officer for Cranfield University at RMCS Shrivenham . I studied for two years at the University of the West of England , Bristol in the Computer Studies and Mathematics Dept. Where I was introduced to the whole idea of Mudding. (Proberbly the reason I failed my exams!)

I am a fan of all things


I also support Swindon Town FC although I do not get the chance to go to many matches. I can often be found playing RESWorld where I currently play a level 22 wizard called Tarkin.

If you would like to E-Mail me, you can at this address:

Last Updated: 27 February 1996