The Clerics of Sutton

The clerical order of Sutton is said to originate from from the first settlers in ResWorld. Sutton was known as the God of peace and war, the two words Shult (meaning calm) and Kton (meaning swift retribution) forming the name Shult-Kton. Over time this has been reduced to Sutton and the emphasis of the order towards peace, although members of the order are still taught the warrior side of the religion.

Nowadays The Order of Sutton are well known for bringing peace and healing to those who need it most and fearsome wrath to all those who appose them. Many a follower has often been known to stop all combat in an area and then just as quickly turn to attack those who they had just brought peace to, hailing them with blows that no mortal can match and calling upon Sutton to smite down their foe. Such is the way of the Order.

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Last updated: 14 June 1996