The ResWorld Newbie FAQ

This page is intended to answer some of the questions that you may have as a new player on ResWorld or if you are new to mudding. If you don't find the answer you are looking for then please log on to ResWorld and ask someone or, if it an important question, you can mail the web administrator

What is ResWorld?

ResWorld is a Multi User Dimension (MUD), an Internet based role-playing game where people from all over the world can communicate and interact with each other in a imaginary world.

Who runs ResWorld?

ResWorld is run by a group of volunteers in a number of different countries. These people go by the names of ArchWizards on the mud and are responsible for its everyday running, its constant growth and improvement.

How do I connect to ResWorld?

As you are reading this page you should have most of the equipment you need to play ResWorld. There are two ways to connect, either through a Web browser with Telnet capabilities (such as Netscape) and clicking on the connect button on the homepage or by using a copy of Telnet and connecting to

Can I have that in English please?

If you have a CompuServe account 'go Telnet' and enter the mud address. Please note: I have not put on any information for any other service providers as I don't have access to an account with them. If you know how to connect from another service provider (such as AOL, MSN, etc.), please mail me so that I can get the information on here. Thanks.

How do I create a character?

Creating a character is easy, simply follow the instructions on the 'How to create a character' page.

Ok, I'm connected. Now what?

Now that you are on ResWorld you will need to know some basic commands. These commands are common to most muds and you will make use of them often on ResWorld. To move about simply enter the first letter of the direction you wish to go in, for example if you wanted to go north you would enter 'n' or Southeast 'se'. You may see other players on and you may 'say ' to them if they are in the same room as you or 'tell ' if they are on the mud but not in the same room as you. From time to time you will come across an item, items can be manipulated by 'get ', 'drop ' you can also 'look at to get more information on it. Two other commands are also important are 'i' which gives you a list of what you are carrying and 'sc' that lists your characters statistics such as your hit points and how old you are. These basic commands will help you to get to know the mud and ask for help from people, but if you are after specific information 'help ' will list information of that subject.

How do I fight?

There is a large number of creatures that live in ResWorld, some friendly others not so friendly. If you choose to fight a creature the command 'kill ' will start your fight with it. Combat will end when one of you has either died or run away. Be very careful when fighting a creature, some of them are extremely powerful and can kill you instantly even if you are well armed and armoured.

What effect does dying have?

If you are unlucky you may die to a creature at some time. If this happens your soul leaves your body and enters the vale of death. When you return to ResWorld you do so as a ghost, an immaterial state that prevents you from doing many things that you could do so normally. In order to be re-united with your body you must go and pray in the Larstown church. Once this has happened you will be very weak and you will find that some of your fighting skills have been lost along with your items as they still lay with your old corpse.

What are guilds?

A guild is an organisation of other adventurers that follow a specific belief or study the same profession. The guild page gives more information on the different guilds.

How can I become a hero?

Once you have got to level twenty and have completed a number of quests you become a hero, one of the elite adventurers of ResWorld. Once you become a hero a number of new commands and abilities become yours.

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