'I remember when all this was unallocated memory'

I was once said that the quality of someone's homepage is in direct opposition to the amount of work that they are doing in real life and in my case this has to be classed as true. Yes after years of training at collage and uni I am now a mobile phone salesman. This keeps me more than a bit busy so that is why this page isn't changing as often as it has been in the past. I have decided to get away from the usual gut-wrenching background tiles and huge, bright titles and images making this one of the more unusual sites on the Web, yes, it is tasteful.

Anyway, pull up a byte, sit down and enjoy. After all that's is what you are here for, to be entertained and to find out about me. It would be unfair to say that is the case you have come to the wrong place, but wouldn't be far off. So I present my mangy selection of links:

Find out a bit about me here.
My life story for those of you who are curious out there.
I am often seen on Nuclearwar Mud  This is a Telnet link. It has some official web pages, but these ones are much more interesting.
I used to be seen coding here  This is a Telnet link but nowadays my link is far too bad. I also coded ResWorld's web pages.
For the first time ever! The arcane secrets of the British Curry Ritual revealed!
What? I put all those lovely Telnet links in and you don't have a copy of Telnet? Sigh, you have to hand everything on a plate to some people.

You want to mail me after all that rubbish? Oh, Ok.

This page was last updated on 25TH of October 1996.