How to sumbit a picture for the gallery

We are always willing to display pictures that players submit for the gallery and put a link in to any homepages that they may have but, to speed things up a bit we request that all submittions are done in one of the following ways:

  • UU or MIME-encode a suitable picture file and mail it to the address at the end of the page. Please try to keep the format of the file to one that Netscape can deal with (jpg, gif etc) as, although we can use any file format, processing can be rather time consuming and will lead to a delay in the displaying of your picture.
  • Or post a 3.5" disk or photograph to the current web master (more details by mailing the address below as this may change from time to time). If you require the disk/picture to be returned please include a stamped, self-address envelope.

    Please also include your full name, your character name and the address of your homepage if you wish to have a link to it included.

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    Last updated: 13 June 1996