Some ResWorld players

Presented below are pictures of some of the ResWorld players for you to enjoy / cherish / poke fun at / be violently sick over. Links to their home pages have also been added for those of you who haven't worked out how to use a keyboard yet. If you feel the urge to submit a picture for this page (or don't want to be randomly victimised by the Arches), more information can be gained by clicking here

Player NameReal Name
Babette Bethany Levinson
Cage Mikael Lind
FennelSeb Potter
Flower Claire Monks
Freaky Richard Semmens
Hoppy Holly
KhaineNick J Bown
Killkenny Kenneth Nyholm
Magrat Katie Sims
Maveric Alex Hurley
MrCobol Mike Rowel
Nibb Steve Nisbet
Peen Patrik Heyl
Porsche Mark Connop
Shorne Barry Briggs
Weasel John Bridges

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Last Updated: 24 October 1996